How to Contribute

There are a number of ways to contribute to the SparkBC community. Post photos and questions, comment on posts or private message a user if you'd like to ask a direct question. There are several categories of acceptable posts:

  • Questions relating to the CEC in British Columbia and recent code changes
  • Code violation photos
  • Questions/photos about code interpretation
  • Information regarding code changes and general knowledge posts

Feel free to ask questions to our experts after taking our online FSR course. We are more than happy to reply to any questions you may have and always assume that if you have the question, more people are also wondering the same thing so ask away! Our community goal is to be a hub for electricians in BC to gain knowledge and find the answers to their questions quick and easily.

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There are only a few rules here at the SparkBC Community. 

First and foremost: 

Positive comments and posts only. No one should feel that their question shouldn't be asked. We do not allow negativity in our community - we are all here to learn.

Photos posted become a part of the SparkBC Community and may be used in social media outlets to illustrate examples of the quality of posts from our community.

"Follow" the community 

"Follow" the community to get notified when new issues are posted and add your thoughts. Together we can elevate the knowledge of electricians in BC. It is our goal to ensure that all electricians in BC are up to date in their knowledge of the Canadian Electrical Code. 

Who is giving advice?

Meet our Electrical Experts

Ted Gilbert, FSR A

Ted Gilbert, FSR A

Senior Instructor, Interior BC

Ted Gilbert is a certified Master Electrician and was previously a Safety Officer for many years with Technical Safety BC. He has over 30 years in the industry as a contractor, electrician, code change instructor and now teaches for SparkBC across the province.
Dave  Shavalier, FSR A

Dave Shavalier, FSR A

Senior Instructor, Lower Mainland

Dave is a certified Master Electrician. He was a Provincial Electrical Safety Officer for 24 years and was also the three-time President of the Electrical Inspectors Association. He has facilitated countless Tech Talks and code sessions in areas across the province and now teaches as a senior instructor with SparkBC.
Don Ballard, FSR A

Don Ballard, FSR A

Senior Instructor, Vancouver Island

Don has been in the electrical industry for 44 years. He owned and operated his own “A “ licensed electrical contracting business for 8 years, worked as an Electrical Safety Officer for BC Safety Authority ( Technical Safety BC) for 30+ years, worked as a code instructor for numerous Technical Colleges. He is a recognized electrical code instructor with Technical Safety BC.,which contributed to the development and instruction of many courses for the electrical industry for over 30 years. Don is also accredited with the Standards council of Canada as a certified special electrical equipment inspector.

We are here to help

Questions about the community or our courses? Reach out today at [email protected] and one of our representatives will get back to you. We welcome comments and suggestions on how we can improve our knowledge centre.